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Welcome to Pro Zakat Foundation

We provide a platform for growing awareness of ZAKAT among the world communities.   We are here not only to collect ZAKAT but to distribute fairly to poor, development programs & organizations which work for the economic and social development of the society in various functional areas viz Health, Education and Employment.

What is Zakat ?

ZAKAT means grow (in goodness) or 'increase', 'purifying' or 'making pure'. So the act of giving ZAKAT means purifying one's wealth to gain GOD's blessing to make it grow in goodness.

So we use ZAKAT to promote and work for the progress and development of all people of India, particularly that of it's deprived, underprivileged and marginalized sections such as minorities, women, poor and people of backward areas and communities.

Zakat Seekers

Support for Social Cause

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